sich | audiovisuelle live performance

»Due to the reduction of VJ visions to graphic design and the use of effects, experts criticize the lack of content and statement amongst the VJ culture. The once existing significance of VJing as an art form has regressed backwards to a trivial stage of irrelevance.
Being aware of the vast development in design and technology, it is now time to return to the art form, in order to create new potentials for audio visual live performances.« [Peter Rubin]

This was, amongst others, one of the basic impulses to approach the project »SICH«.
The audiovisual live performance thus tries to merge visuals and sound on a free, improvisational basis. This allows for mutual inspiration between musicians and visual artists and results in a free, nonlinear narrative, that can be influenced by real time visual effects, generative forms and sounds at any time.

The fully improvised performance shows a stranger, being on a contemplative walk through urban and natural sights, seeing the world with his/her own eyes.

The video above is a 6 minute excerpt of the first performance, which took place on the 23rd of May 2012, in the Speakeasy Club, based in Stuttgart, and lasted for 45 minutes.

Skills: direction, style frames, dop, tracking, motion design, color grading

stills venue

stills style frames


concept &direction. Thomas Nathan, Franz Rosenberger, Hartmut Ulmer
3d animation, post production. Thomas Nathan
creative coding, generative graphics. Franz Rosenberger
dop, 2d animation, post production, grading. Hartmut Ulmer